Italian Hub

"Carlo F. Dondena" Centre for Research on Social Dynamics, Università Bocconi

The "Carlo F. Dondena" Centre for Research on Social Dynamics (Dondena) is an international, interdisciplinary centre for social science research of relevance to individuals, businesses, institutions, and economies. It focuses on social dynamics and populations in their economic, organizational, and policy contexts. Dondena's work builds on theories derived from cognitive science, demography, economics, epidemiology, history, psychology, and sociology. Its researchers make use of large-scale quantitative data and adopt innovative analytical methods to understand and evaluate complex relationships and changes over time.


Hub Coordinator

Francesco Billari
Francesco C. Billari, Professor of Demography at the Università Bocconi and Director of Dondena



Michele Pellizzari
Michele Pellizzari, Assistant Professor at the Università Bocconi and an affiliate of the Innocenzo Gasparini Institute for Economic Research
Roberto Impicciatore
Roberto Impicciatore, Researcher in Demography at the University of Milan Department of Economics, Business, and Statistics and affiliate of Dondena


Post-doctoral Associates

Nicola Barban
Nicola Barban, Università Bocconi
Raya Muttarak
Raya Muttarak, European University Institute
Chiara Ponzato
Chiara Pronzato, Università Bocconi
Lara Tavares
Lara Patrício Tavares, Università Bocconi
Agnese Vitali
Agnese Vitali, Università Bocconi


Graduate Students

Alessandra Minello, University of Trento
Davide Azzolini
Davide Azzolini, University of Trento


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