INSIDE Conference

Barcelona, Spain
June 27-28, 2011

Conference Participants Page

Life Cycle Timing of Migration

  • Deborah Cobb-Clark, Steve Stillman, and Mathias Sinning: “Age at Migration and Educational Achievement in Australia and New Zealand: Insights from PISA”
  • Andrew Clarke and Mikal Skuterud: “Age at Arrival and Immigrant Earnings in Canada and Australia: Do Cognitive Skills Matter?”
  • Melissa Martinson and Marta Tienda: “Mothers’ Age at Migration and Emotional Well-being: Comparisons among Anglophone Nations”
  • Audrey Beck, Miles Corak, and Marta Tienda: “Age at Immigration, Social Identity, and the Adult Attainments of Child Migrants in the United States and Canada”

Child Wellbeing

  • Kate Choi and Sara McLanahan: “Variation in the Trajectories of Cognitive Development between Immigrants and Native Born Children: Comparisons of Australia, United Kingdom, and the United States”
  • Sung Hee Jeon and Guyonne Kalb: “The Effect of Childcare on Language Development among Preschool Children from English and non-English Backgrounds”
  • Davide Azzolini, Philipp Schnell, and John Palmer: “Increase, Stagnation, or Decline? Trends in Educational Achievement Gaps between Children of Immigrants and Native Students in Four European Countries”
  • Margot Jackson: “The Immigrant Paradox in Mothers' Health Behavior at Birth and Age 5”
  • Melissa Martinson, Sara McLanahan, and Jeanne Brooks-Gunn: “Nativity Differences in Childhood Obesity”
  • Alessandra Minello and Nicola Barban: “The Educational Aspirations of Children of Immigrants in Italy”

Fertility and Living Arrangements

  • Alicia Adsera, Ana Ferrer, Wendy Sigle-Rushton, and Ben Wilson: “Fertility Patterns of Child Migrants: Age at Migration and Ancestry in Comparative Perspective”
  • Amparo Gonzalez: “Senegalese Children’s Migration to France, Spain, and Italy: Comparative Perspectives on Motives and Living Arrangements”
  • Bruno Arpino, Raya Muttarak, and Agnese Vitali: “Living Arrangements of Children of Immigrants in Spain and the United States: The Role of Cultural Heritage and Residential Context”
  • Xiana Bueno and Daniel Devolder: “Age at Migration and Fertility Patterns in Spain: Differences by Origin and Length of Stay”

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