ANNALS Papers Authors
Comparative Perspectives on International Migration and Child Wellbeing Alicia Adsera
Marta Tienda
Migrant Youths' Educational Achievement: The Role of Institutions

Deborah Cobb-Clark
Mathias Sinning
Steve Stillman

Age at Immigration and the Adult Attainments of Child Migrants to the United States

Audrey Beck
Miles Corak
Marta Tienda

Child-Parent Separations Among Senegalese Migrants to Europe: Migration Strategies or Cultural Arrangements? Amparo Gonzalez
Pau Baizan
Cris Beauchemin
Fertility Patterns of Child Migrants: Age at Migration and Ancestry in Comparative Perspective

Alicia Adsera
Ana Ferrer
Wendy Sigle-Rushton
Ben Wilson

How do Children of Mixed Partnerships Fare in the UK? Understanding the Implications for Children of Parental Ethnic Homagamy and Heterogamy Lucinda Platt
Race/Ethnic and Nativity Disparities in Child Overweight in the United States and England Melissa Martinson
Sara McLanahan
Jeanne Brooks-Gunn
The Educational Expectations of Children of Immigrants in Italy Alessandra Minello
Nicola Barban
Educational Achievement Gaps between Immigrant and Native Students in Two "New Immigration Countries": Italy and Spain in Comparison Davide Azzolini
Philipp Schnell
John Palmer
Nativity Differences in Mothers' Health Behaviors: A Cross-National and Longitudinal Lens

Margot Jackson
Sara McLanahan
Kathleen Kiernan

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