INSIDE Conference

Barcelona, Spain
June 27-28, 2011

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Conference Papers Authors
Age at Migration and Educational Achievement Across the OECD: Insights from PISA

Deborah Cobb-Clark
Steve Stillman
Mathias Sinning

Age at Immigration, Social Identity and the Adult Attainments of Child Migrants in the United States and Canada

Audrey Beck
Miles Corak
Marta Tienda

Birthing, Nativity and Maternal Depression in Australia and the United States Melissa Martinson
Marta Tienda
Sengalese Children's Migration to France, Spain, and Italy: Comparative Perspectives on Motives and Living Arrangements Amparo Gonzalez
Fertility Patterns of Child Migrants: Age at Migration and Ancestry in Comparative Perspective

Alicia Adsera
Ana Ferrer
Wendy Sigle-Rushton
Ben Wilson

Living Arrangements of Children of Immigrants in Spain and the United States: The Role of Cultural Heritage and Residential Context Bruno Arpino
Raya Muttarak
Agnese Vitali
Age at Migration and Fertility Patterns in Spain: Differences by Origin and Length of Stay Xiana Bueno
Daniel Devolder
Citizenship, Fertility and Parental Investments C. Avitabile
Irma Clots-Figueras
Paolo Masella
How do Children of Mixed Partnerships Fare in the UK? Understanding the Implications for Children of Migrants of Parental Ethnic Homagamy and Heterogamy Lucinda Platt
Nativity Status, Ethnicity, and Body Mass Index among Children in the United States and England Melissa Martinson
Sara McLanahan
Jeanne Brooks-Gunn
The Educational Aspirations of Children of Immigrants in Italy Alessandra Minello
Nicola Barban
Variation in the Trajectories of Cognitive Development Between Immigrants and Native Born Children: Comparisons of Australia, United Kingdom, and the United States Kate Choi
Sara McLanahan
Increase, Stagnation or Decline? Trends in Educational Achievement Gaps Between Children of Immigrants and Native Students in Four European Countries Davide Azzolini
Philipp Schnell
John Palmer
Nativity Differences in Mothers' Health Behaviors: A Cross-National and Longitudinal Lens

Margot Jackson
Sara McLanahan
Kathleen Kiernan

Child Mortality and Foreign Aid Marcelo Soto

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